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Beautiful plants and flowers that last for all seasons

Whatever the size of your garden, it's important to ensure it stays looking its best. At Orchard Nurseries, we can offer you a comprehensive variety of flowers and plants to keep your garden looking gorgeous- from tulips and roses, to sage and hawthorn.

Simply visit our plant nursery in York to find the perfect garden embellishments for every season- from pansies, geraniums and fuschias, to marigolds, violets and much more.

Want bedding plants?

Bedding plants are an easy and inexpensive way to add colour to your garden throughout the year. For the summer,Orchard Nurseries have a comprehensive range of pot and pack grown plants available from May onwards each year.


We also grow more unusual varieties of bedding plants, which are taller, interesting and give an herbaceous look when planted. Some are grown for their flowers, others for their foliage- why not call today, or arrange to come and talk to us about them?



The perfect perennial

The word Perennial is derived from Latin, basically meaning 'through year' Generally these plants re-grown every year from basal stems, and most are deciduous; often dormant in the winter months.


Orchard Nurseries can provide you with the perfect perennial for all your garden requirements. Whether you need it for sunny or shady positioning, or as a show-stopping garden centrepiece, why not contact our knowledgeable team today to make an enquiry?

our beautiful plants will look lovely throughout all the seasons

To buy your bedding plants, call Orchard Nurseries in York on

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Why not brighten your home's exterior with some gorgeous hanging baskets?

At Orchard Nurseries, we offer a range of beautiful hanging baskets to suit all pockets, and can make hanging baskets to suit all colour schemes and requirements. We can even fill your existing baskets, too! Just drop them off in June/ early July, and they'll ready to collect in August.


We can also plant up the pots and borders at your home- why not contact us today for further details?