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Give your home the garden haven it truly deserves. For help and support on how to get the best out of your garden, or for some garden planning inspiration, just call Orchard Nurseries today to arrange your consultation.

Discover the perfect plants to suit your garden’s colour scheme

Boasting a degree in horticulture, a diploma in garden design and many years of experience in the trade, Orchard Nurseries can offer you professional, unbiased advice to help you discover the garden of your dreams and the right plants and shrubbery to suit it.

Seen a plant you admire in someone else’s garden or park? Just take a few pictures of its flower and leaves close up, and one further away – Orchard Nurseries should be able to identify the plant type, and tell you if it is in stock.

When should I grow what?

Do you look at your outdoor space and feel lost? Why not contact Orchard Nurseries to arrange a consultation!

We’ve got plenty of ideas and helpful tips on how to help you make more of your garden. Whether you’re in need of practical planting pointers, advice about a particular plant, or a complete garden overhaul; our expert team can offer you layout advice and planting schedules for shrubs, perennials, bedding plants, hanging baskets and more.

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