hedges and trees

Get you garden spruced up with gorgeous trees and hedging

Hedges and trees add shape, shade and timeless beauty to all gardens, no matter what the shape or size. Whether you’re searching for conifers, heathers or alpine trees, you can rely on Orchard Nurseries to offer the perfect tree size to suit your garden.

Hedging and shrubs

Woody plants both evergreen and deciduous; shrubs are often the backbone of a garden. Some are small and compact, while others can grow into small trees in time.

Most can be managed through pruning to keep them to a size.Whether you’re after a colourful yet low-maintenance evergreen to add colour, want to create a leafy, natural-looking garden border, or create a decorative talking point; shrubs add both shape and structure to all gardens great and small.

Alternatively, hedging is trees and shrubs that have been cut, trimmed and pruned to keep them to a particular size. They are used to mark boundaries and divide up gardens, and can be tall screens or low border edging. At Orchard Nurseries, you can choose from evergreen or deciduous varieties! Many types of hedging are best bought bare-rooted in the autumn/winter period November to March, but orders can also be taken for it during the rest of the year. Some hedging plants are also available all year round in pots- why not get in touch today for further details?

We also grow more unusual varieties of bedding plants, which are taller, interesting and give an herbaceous look when planted. Some are grown for their flowers, others for their foliage- why not call today, or arrange to come and talk to us about them?

Trees for every garden

Trees add a timeless touch of elegance to any garden, and are a fantastic way of creating instant height. They can add shape and form, shade, shelter and even a living space for garden wildlife!

Getting a tree or shrubs planted in your garden is a beautiful way to celebrate a special occasion, or perhaps to remember someone you love. To discuss the perfect tree(s) to complement your garden, why not call or email Orchard Nurseries today?

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